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Korala UKS-40CENT Soprano Ukulele

You Save: £20.00
SALE PRICE!!Korala UKS-40CENT Soprano Ukulele with cutaway. Koa top, Mahogany B,S&NK with Rosewood fretboard. Onboard preamp with B,T&V controls. Great sound, natural satin finish. 
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Kremona Mari Tenor Ukuklele

You Save: £60.00
Pre loved Mahogany tenor uke.made in padded condition 
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Lakewood Natural Series M-18 CP Grand Concert Model

£1 995.00
£1 495.00
You Save: £500.00
Lakewood Natural Series M-18 CP Grand Concert model w/cutaway & L.R. Baggs Anthem system. Stunning sound : AAA European Spruce top, Ovangkol B&S with Ebony fretboard. Includes Lakewood Hiscox hard condition 
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Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder

Lee Oskar harmonica holder. Suitable for ten hole harmonicas, adjustable angle. 
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Mahalo MR1 Soprano Ukulele

Fantastic value beginner/student ukulele. Available in Red, Pink, , Blue, -includes bag. Fitted with good quality Aquila strings. 
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Mayson D3/O

You Save: £40.00
great sounding acoustic.mahoganay gig bag 
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Mooer Blues Crab Compact Effects Pedal

Mooer Blues Crab compact FX pedal. Classic blues overdrive sound characteristic. Full metal casing, true bypass switching -very small & exquisite! 
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Mooer Micro Looper

Mooer Micro Looper pedal. Record, Playback, Stop, Overdub & Delete -all controlled by one footswitch. Up to 30min record time & unlimited overdubbing times. True bypass, solid performance & build quality. 
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Mooer ShimVerb Compact Effects Pedal

Mooer ShimVerb compact reverb FX pedal. 3 modes : Room, Spring, Shimmer. Full metal casing, true bypass switching -very small & exquisite! 
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Ozark 2104G -banjo

You Save: £16.00
great student 5-string bag 
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Ozark 2105G 5 string banjo

You Save: £61.00
Ozark 2105G five string banjo. Fitted with Remo Weatherking banjo head, detachable Mahogany finish wood resonator, Mahogany NK & Rosewood fretboard. Includes padded bag. 
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Peavey Bandit 112

You Save: £30.00
Peavey Bandit 112 electric guitar combo amplifier. TransTube technology emulates the sound & feel of valve amps through a special design that took three U.S. patents to cover! 
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Peavey classic 30

You Save: £429.00
ONE TIME OFFER. All valve 1x12" 30w combo.Classic sound .two channel.Loud enough for average gig. 
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Peavey Firenza

USA built peavey electric.2x humbuckers.maple neck.good condition 
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Peavey Pirhana 6505 20w valve micro stack

You Save: £100.00
20w valve micro head plus 1x8" cabinet.Rocktastic!priced to clear! 
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Peavey RX22 Replacement Diaphragm Kit

Peavey replacement diaphragm kit for RX22 HF driver. 
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PILGRIM VPMF2 Fstyle Fhole

You Save: £150.00
solid carved spruce top.solid maple back/sides.vintage chesnut satin gigbag.Special offer! 
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Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve

Secondhand 100 Watt valve combo amplifier. 2 footswitchable channels (footswitch included), fitted with 2x12" Celestion Spedcial Design speakers, 5x12AX7A preamp & 4xEL-34 output valves. Great sound, very good condition! 
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Schatten V-02 Standard Violin Pickup

You Save: £20.00
The V-02 offers great tone reproduction, range & clarity of sound all wrapped up in a high quality medium density bridge. 
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Seagull Maritime SWS GT electro

You Save: £50.00
Full Dreadnought body electro.Burntamber solid spruce gloss top.Mahoganay Back/sides inc bag 
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Results 101 - 120 of 215